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1BlackTools PHPMailer 3.0Send Inbox To All , CleanViewblacktools.txt blacktools.zip
2BlackTools Cpanel CrackerGet Cpanel Account From .my.cnf File , Just Upload And Open ItViewbtcpanel.txt btcpanel.zip
3BlackTools Emails ExtractorEnter Username And Password For Single Or Multiple DatabaseViewbtemail.txt btemail.zip
4BlackTools Folder Mass DefacerMass Deface All Sites Or Folder Within Your Specified AccessViewbtmass.txt btmass.zip
5BlackTools Apple Email CheckerCheck Your Mail List Which Its Registered In AppleViewbtapple.txt btapple.zip
6BlackTools SMTP GeneratorCreate Smtp And Webmail From The ShellViewbtsmtp.txt btsmtp.zip
7BlackTools Unzipper,Unrar + ZipperBypass Unzip And Zipper Security With This Strong FileViewbtunzip.txt btunzip.zip
8BlackTools Resetpass cPanelReset Cpanel Password From The Shell To Your EmailViewbtreset.txt btreset.zip
9BlackTools SMTP MailerSend Emails With Your SMTP From This PHPMailerViewbtsmtpm.txt btsmtpm.zip
10BlackTools Email TestSimple Tool Just For Test Send In Your ServerViewbttest.txt bttest.zip
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